2015 Individual Open Enrollment is Ending

3 days left Obamacare deadline


2/13/15 UPDATE:  

NYS of health Update


 “The deadline for individuals and families to enroll in a qualified health plan through NY State of Health is February 15, 2015. However, the Marketplace will provide additional assistance to those individuals who have taken steps to apply for coverage but have been unable to complete the enrollment process before the deadline. All applications and enrollments in health plans must be completed by the end of the day on February 28, 2015. Those who complete their enrollment after February 15, 2015 but on or before February 28, 2015 will have coverage starting on April 1, 2015.”


Last days for 2015 Individual Open Enrollment is ending this week.  This deadline applies to both On and Off Exchange!

ACA Individual Penalty’s Looming

If you’re wondering about the penalty for not having insurance: yes, there is one, and no, you can’t really get out of paying for it. You’ll pay the penalty when you file your taxes for 2015. Even if you get coverage midway through the year, you’ll still need to pay a penalty for the months you weren’t insured. So get covered!

Think you might be eligible for a subsidy or aren’t sure?

You can check here at the New York State of Health Marketplace calculator. If you are eligible or think you might be eligible, you can contact the marketplace directly to purchase a plan or ask questions about financial assistance.

Choose Wisely

Please remember that during open enrollment you  are permitted to switch carriers.  Choose wisely because after February 15, one cannot switch plans until open enrollment 2015, unless you have a “qualifying event,” such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption.

Individual Online Enrollment Resources for On and Off Exchange:

For NYS – To view Oscar’s plans, rates and simple online enrollment application, click here.

Outside NYS

Health Reform Info

For more information on enrollment  please contact our team at Millennium Medical Solutions Corp  (855)667-4621.   We have Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew speakers available.

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