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Hands On Training with Samuel Kina, Ph.D. | Chief Analytics Officer | Picwell, Inc.

How High Deductible Health Plans Can Set Employees Up for Financial Success


A common fear among employees can be that High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) expose them to too much risk. However, this misconception misses the near-certain long-term losses that come with not choosing a HDHP that includes an HSA. What employees are often missing is a full knowledge of the long-term financial impacts and risks associated with enrolling in an HDHP paired with HSA savings strategy, compared to a more traditional, low deductible PPO option. Employer contributions to HSAs can also set employees up for financial success and retirement readiness.

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Join this complimentary webcast to discover how HSA-eligible plans are better for employees in the long run and can help improve their financial health. Topics discussed will include:

  • The short term risks that scare employees away from an HSA plan

  • The long term benefits that make HSAs a no-brainer

  • Ways to overcome employees’ apprehension towards HSAs to get them to enroll and contribute

  • And more…

Date: Wednesday, June 15 2022

Time: 2:00 p.m. ET 

Cost: Complimentary








Samuel Kina, Ph.D. | Chief Analytics Officer | Picwell, Inc.



Samuel Kina, Ph.D. is the Chief Analytics Officer at Picwell, Inc. where he has led the company’s work in economic and predictive modeling since 2014, shortly after the company was founded. He has a wide range of experience in health policy and economics in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He has advised several state and private health insurance exchanges, and he has provided economic and strategic support to several pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and Congress in matters related to health policy, intellectual property, antitrust regulation and FDA regulation and drug approval. Sam has taught courses in statistics, economics, and health policy, and his research has focused on the economics of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Prior to joining Picwell, he held positions at the Analysis Group, Congressional Budget Office, and the Alliance for Health Reform. Sam has a BA in Public Policy Analysis and Economics from Pomona College and a Ph.D. in Health Policy and Economics from Harvard University.

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