HR Benefits Portal

Now businesses can simplify and reduce the resource-intensive work of collecting, organizing, and submitting employee benefit information. BeneTrac is an Online Enrollment and Benefit Management System designed to accommodate the specific needs of Human Resource Departments. MMS Inc. aims to provide an affordable, user-friendly system to simplify the administration of employee benefits.

The online process works this way:

  • Employees enter and update their own benefit information by following a simple, intuitive format.
  • The software guides employees, calculates eligibility, provides personalized plan descriptions and a provider network listings. The program then checks for errors, missed entries, and conflicting information before forwarding the data.
  • Human resource staff maintains gatekeeper authority to review and approve all changes in addition to tracking all system activity.
  • Through a secure online connection, group data is electronically submitted to all carriers in all benefit categories.

Contact Benefits & HR team to learn how BeneTrac can be provided at no additional cost to companies. Also see how MMS Inc. can assist with COBRA administration and additional services available for businesses.

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