We already love Professional Employer Organization (PEO)– our clients do too.  Today we’re counting down our top 5 reasons why we love PEO:   Top 5 Reasons Why We Love PEO

1.National Capabilities:

It ensures your compliance with local and federal laws, even if your business has locations in different states. Access to a national provider healthcare plan, not single state carriers

2. Liability Protections:

Some liability moves to the PEO service instead of your company.

3. It saves you money on HR staff.

Being part of a PEO gives you a clear cut idea of what your costs are going to be year in and year out. The PEOs work tirelessly to keep their insurance renewals down, so their clients won’t leave. Every year they work with the insurance carriers to introduce new plans and ways to reduce the costs of insurance to their clients. This gives you the ability to forecast and know precisely what your costs will be.

4.  Technologies:

Online HR resources for self service issues  Ability for employees to make personal changes on their own, online. Ability to track PTO (paid-time off).

 5. One Vendor:

It streamlines HR tasks like payroll, taxes, employee benefits, worker’s compensation, 401K and HR administrative tasks.

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