NYS Marketplace Premium Tax Credits

NYS Marketplace Premium Tax Credits

NYS Marketplace Premium Tax Credits  NYS Obamacare 2015 FAQ

What to do with the 1095-A form you received in the mail?

Attached below is the link to the web page with information on Premium Tax Credits and Form 1095-A. The resources on this link provide information on Form 1095-A, including Frequently Asked Questions and the toll free numbers provided for assistance.The resources on this page provide information about your Form 1095-A from NY State of Health.  The Form 1095-A is used to reconcile Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) and to claim Premium Tax Credits (PTC) on your federal tax returns.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Form 1095-A

  •  I didn’t apply to NY State of Health for financial assistance. Can you tell me if I can claim the PTC on my tax returns for 2014?
  • Who is in my tax family? How do I figure out if someone is a dependent?
  •  How do I report health care coverage on my tax return?
  • How do I report the information from Form 1095-A on my tax return?
  •  Do I need to complete Form 8962?
  •  How do I complete Form 8962 on my tax return? How do I use the Form 1095-A to complete my Form 8962. What counts as income? What is my FPL?
  •  Do I owe money to the IRS? Will I get a refund from the IRS? How much tax credits will I have to repay to the IRS? How much extra in tax credits will I get from the IRS?
  •  I am self-employed. Can I claim my NY State of Health premiums as a business expense on my tax returns?
  •  I had to pay back tax credits or got extra tax credits. Should I estimate my income differently for 2015?
  •  How do I claim an exemption from the Individual Responsibility requirement?
  •  Do I owe an Individual Share Responsibility Payment?
  •  What income needs to be considered when calculating the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment?
  •  I enrolled in a health plan with financial assistance and my income is now less than 100% FPL. Am I still eligible for the PTC?

If you have questions about Form 1095-A, Minimum Essential Coverage, PTC or the SLCSP table, call Community Health Advocates’ Helpline at 1-888-614-5400.

If you think we made a mistake on your 1095-A, call NY State of Health at 1-855-766-7860.

If you have questions about Form 8962 or other tax-related questions, visit www.irs.gov.

Please take the time to review. For more information, please 



单击此处,了解 简体中文 保费税收抵免和 Form 1095-A 的相关信息。

Cliquez ici pour accéder à des informations sur les crédits d’impôt pour cotisation d’assurance et sur le Form 1095-A en français.

Klike la a pou jwenn enfòmasyon sou Kredi nan Taks sou Prim ak Form 1095-A nan Kreyòl Ayisyen.

Per ricevere maggiori informazioni in italiano sul credito d’imposta sul premio (Premium Tax Credit, PTC) e sul Form 1095-A, cliccare qui.

한국어로 된 보험료 세금 공제(Premium Tax Credits, PTA) 및 Form 1095-A에 대한 정보가 필요하신 경우 여기를 클릭하십시오.

Нажмите здесь, чтобы получить информацию о налоговых вычетах за страховые взносы и форме Form 1095-A на русском языке.

Haga clic aquí para obtener información en español acerca de los Créditos tributarios para la prima y el formulario 1095-A.

NYS Health Exchange FAQ Jan 1 Enrollments

NYS Health Exchange FAQ Jan 1 Enrollments

Health Exchange FAQ

NYS Health Exchange FAQ  Jan 1 Enrollments   FAQ Using Coverage January 1, 2014

NYS Health Exchange FAQ Jan 1 Enrollments. NYS of Helath has provided a helpful  Frequently Asked Questions for recent enrollees. We have attached the document for your use.

IMPORTANT:   How can I pay my premium bill for January 1st coverage?

You need to pay your health plan – not NY State of Health – no later than 10 days after you receive your invoice (bill) from your plan. You can pay your bill by mail. Some plans may accept payment online or over the phone. Plans must accept the following forms of payment: paper checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and all general-purpose pre-paid debit cards. Contact your health plan for more information about payment options or if the due date is a problem for you.

For more information  regarding  both Exchanges –   Individual Exchanges or SHOP   please contact our team at Millennium Medical Solutions Corp  (855)667-4621.   We have Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew speakers available.  Quotes can also be viewed on our site.
FAQ Using Coverage January 1, 2014


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