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What to do with the 1095-A form you received in the mail?

Attached below is the link to the web page with information on Premium Tax Credits and Form 1095-A. The resources on this link provide information on Form 1095-A, including Frequently Asked Questions and the toll free numbers provided for assistance.The resources on this page provide information about your Form 1095-A from NY State of Health.  The Form 1095-A is used to reconcile Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) and to claim Premium Tax Credits (PTC) on your federal tax returns.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Form 1095-A

  •  I didn’t apply to NY State of Health for financial assistance. Can you tell me if I can claim the PTC on my tax returns for 2014?
  • Who is in my tax family? How do I figure out if someone is a dependent?
  •  How do I report health care coverage on my tax return?
  • How do I report the information from Form 1095-A on my tax return?
  •  Do I need to complete Form 8962?
  •  How do I complete Form 8962 on my tax return? How do I use the Form 1095-A to complete my Form 8962. What counts as income? What is my FPL?
  •  Do I owe money to the IRS? Will I get a refund from the IRS? How much tax credits will I have to repay to the IRS? How much extra in tax credits will I get from the IRS?
  •  I am self-employed. Can I claim my NY State of Health premiums as a business expense on my tax returns?
  •  I had to pay back tax credits or got extra tax credits. Should I estimate my income differently for 2015?
  •  How do I claim an exemption from the Individual Responsibility requirement?
  •  Do I owe an Individual Share Responsibility Payment?
  •  What income needs to be considered when calculating the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment?
  •  I enrolled in a health plan with financial assistance and my income is now less than 100% FPL. Am I still eligible for the PTC?

If you have questions about Form 1095-A, Minimum Essential Coverage, PTC or the SLCSP table, call Community Health Advocates’ Helpline at 1-888-614-5400.

If you think we made a mistake on your 1095-A, call NY State of Health at 1-855-766-7860.

If you have questions about Form 8962 or other tax-related questions, visit www.irs.gov.

Please take the time to review. For more information, please 



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