Highlights of the new dependent coverage legislation
The legislation has two dependent coverage features, the “make available option” and the “young adult option” (also called “NY DU30 option”). Under the make available option, Insurers offer customers the option to provide dependent coverage to age 30. This option is similar to adding a rider to a benefits plan.

Under the NY DU30 option, dependents who reach the maximum age can elect extended coverage to age 30.

For either option, a dependent must meet these requirements:

  • Is a child of an employee or other group member insured under a group.
  • Is under age 30.
  • Is unmarried.
  • Is not insured by or eligible for coverage through the young adult’s own employer-sponsored group policy or contract, whether insured or self-funded, provided the policy or contract includes both hospital and medical benefits.
  • Lives or works in New York State or in the service area of the insurer’s network-based policy or contract (as set forth and defined by the policy or contract).
  • Is not covered under Medicare.

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