CLICK & PRINT! Use this link or print image below to begin using the FREE Pharmacy Card today.


Use this link or print image below to begin using the FREE Pharmacy Card today.

Your Free Pharmacy Card

With our Bonus Card  the Rx discount is FREE and a great way to reinsure after all anyone can save you money by taking away benefits.

What can a Bonus Card card do for you?

Aside from the FREE  Pharmacy Discount there  added optional benefits.  You get all the benefits below in one easy-to-use card for a low family rate of $9.95 or $14.95 per month.

Call a Doctor – Teladoc

Wouldn’t it be nice to just call a doctor when you need a prescription fast? Skip the office visit and wasted time in that germ-infested waiting room. Now, you can call a doctor 24/7/365 and get a prescription, if needed.  Your Bonus Card health discount card gives you VIP access to our Teladoc service with fast treatment (within about 22 minutes, on average) for common ailments, from UTIs to pink eye.  It’s like having a best friend who happens to be a doctor. Teladoc is just one of many services, including dental discounts, vision discounts and prescription discounts, all rolled into one easy-to-use health discount card.  And, you get all this savings for one low monthly fee. There’s no risk with our 30-day, money back guarantee, so start saving time and money when you need to call a doctor to get a prescription (if needed).

Health Discount Card

Bonus Card is a health discount card that includes the ability to call a doctor 24/7 and get a prescription, if needed.  It provides dental discounts at over 92,500 providers, vision discounts at over 12,000 providers and prescription discounts for prescriptions that are expensive or not covered by insurance.  All that, rolled into one easy-to-use card!  We know you’re busy and sometimes just need a prescription fast. You don’t have time to shop around for health discounts or a health discount card.  Bonus Card gives you all these health services plus legal advice, identity theft protection and roadside assistance at one low price.  You’ll love the time, money and frustration savings you’ll get with your very own Bonus Card health discount card.

Pet Assure

Your 24/7/365 Dr. BFF! It’s like having a best friend who’s a doctor! Did you know up to 70% of medical issues could be solved over the phone? Call a doctor (US-based) & get a prescription written, if needed. No additional cost…no kidding! 

 Two weeks after I received my discount card, I had a dental emergency. I was able to find a dental provider near our offices. The emergency that I experienced required that I have one tooth capped and another one filled. The discount card saved me $200.00. 
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Use this link or print image below to begin using the FREE Pharmacy Card today.

Bonus Card – Pharmacy Discounts Only

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