According to a 2010 Athena Health Survey Humana is named as the Top Payor by Physicians.

For the second year in a row and third time in five years, Humana Inc. ranks #1 in overall performance — making it the easiest payer for health care providers to do business with — in a review of 2009 claims-payment data conducted by athenahealth Inc., a provider of Internet-based business services to doctors, and Physician’s Practice magazine.

Humana offers solutions such as real-time adjudication, which enables health-plan members to have a claim processed instantly before leaving the doctor’s office . A weighted measure is the metrics used are Days in Accounts Receivable.

Its too bad Humana is inactive in the northeast.  With Health Care Reform changes, progressive states such as NY will less likely be hazardous and more welcoming to an outside insurer as most state laws are being mimicked by the Federal Government.  Aetna was ranked second.

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