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A fun visual transit infographic  highlighting the benefits of public transportation by Credit Donkey.   With NYC Transit Benefit Mandate for 2016  Employers with 20 or more full-time employees in New
York City must sponsor for full-time employees a pre-tax qualified transportation benefit program (excluding parking subsidies). It would mean that an estimated 450,000 more New York City-based employees will have access to the commuter tax break. That’s in addition to the 700,000 who already get the break.

Despite the requirement this visual highlights the inherent win-win of riding public transit.  Furthermore, Employers exempt form the mandate such as smaller Employer or outside NYC ought to consider this as a benefit per at work.  IMPORTANT: The popularity of the benefit for Employers have been a budget neutral perk that is offset by payroll tax savings.  After all, the Employer is not required to fund the Transit/Parking only sponsor the plan.

Tax Savings:

The wayNYC Transit Chek and Metrocard the pretax commuter tax break works is employees exclude their transit commuting costs from their taxable wages up to the $130 monthly limit (there’s a separate $250 monthly limit for parking). If you’re in the 40% combined federal and state bracket and you put away $130 a month pretax salary to use for transit, you save $624 a year. This also saves the employer money because the employer doesn’t pay payroll taxes of 7.65% on every dollar set aside by employees pre-tax.

$130 transit maximum

  • EE Savings @ 40% tax bracket = $624/year
  • ER Savings (FICA) = $119/year

$250 parking maximum

  • EE Savings @ 40% tax bracket = $1,200/year
  • ER Savings (FICA) = $230/year

Next Step:

If you want your employer to add commuter benefits—so you’re eligible for the tax break–petition your HR department, and specifically ask for the pretax commuter benefits program (why wait until 2016?). To learn more about the NYC Transit Mandate, please visit the official website of the City of New York.

To start  a Transit benefit within 24 hours contact us today  (855) 667-4621 or  Ask us about our enterprise payroll.

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