Employee Wellness Boosts Productivity

Employee Wellness Boosts Productivity

 Employee Wellness Boosts Productivity

Companies in the Salt Lake City area know productivity is higher and health costs are lower when employees have ways to exercise and reduce stress during the work day, whether it is using a company gym, eating healthier in the cafeteria or taking regular breaks. A study to be published in Population Health Management says “presenteeism,” which means people coming to work with physical or emotional problems, reduces productivity. The Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Some of the most popular wellness services offered are providing resources and information at 76 percent, giving onsite seasonal fluvaccinations at 54 percent and hosting health fairs at 42 percent. Other wellness efforts include health and lifestyle coaching at 37 percent, health screening at 39 percent and smoking cessation programs at 34 percent.

Considering that obesity and other chronic health issues continue to impact the well-being of employees and an employer’s bottom line, more respondents on a national level are offering lower health care premiums for getting an annual health risk assessment and not using tobacco according to surveys.  The ROI on wellness is starting to pay – wellness plans pay for itself.


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For more information, you may review the final rules in their entirety.  For MMS Corp previous blogs on wellness, click here. we will keep you posted on future PPACA wellness program opportunities.  In the meantime, please visit  to view past blogs and Legislative Alerts at https://360peo.com/feed.

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