Time Savers Using HR and Benefits Technologies

Time Savers Using HR and Benefits Technologies

Time Savers Using HR and Benefits Technologies

Almost every HR administrator I’ve talked to says that managing benefits and HR can be time-consuming and error-prone. We believe this can be solved with the combined power of the broker and technology. Together, they provide a flexible, customizable HR and benefits technology solution that helps employers save time, reduce errors, and increase employee engagement.

Take on-boarding as an example. Employee Onboarding is an important HR function that directly impacts the engagement levels of new employees in the first few days. That’s why it is no longer treated as just another administration input. At the employer end, it makes sense to invest in an extended and intensive employee onboarding program. This is because, hiring a person involves a lot of contingent costs, and it is best that an employee once hired is retained for the long term. Research shows that employees have a higher chance of leaving the organization within the first 18 months. An effective new employee onboarding program can prevent just that, saving your company time, cost, and other expensive resources. An onboarding program can thus go a long way in improving the efficiency of hiring.

An Introduction to EaseCentral 

Our clients are benefiting of going paperless with SF-based tech partner, Easecentral. As a leading provider of HR and benefits software, EaseCentral understands that the thought of changing your benefits enrollment process can be overwhelming. But if working with more than 1,000 insurance agencies and 40,000 businesses has taught us anything, it’s that switching to online enrollment is worth it. 

“We believe that an electronic trail is better than a paper trail”

In the words of our cleinst  “We believe that an electronic trail is better than a paper trail”. For most clinets under 50 employees a full HRIS system can get punishingly expensive.A leading payroll company charges all incluisve package for $45/month. This pricey journey of HR and benefits technolog can be a turn-off. When we asked our clients if they were interested in an affordable online enrollment that that works with underlying insurance managed by us and payroll the answer is invariably “thats a no brainer”.

After we introduced EaseCentral, it did not take very long to acclimate to using the system. Our Agency help clients with the initial setup. With inutitive system clients hit the ground running. Employees do not need a lot of help either.  In 2016, the first year we used EaseCentral had been successful. We walked employees through how to use EaseCentral. Soon after, they experienced their first open enrollment with technology and without paper.

HR and Benefits Technology in Action

Joe, our long time client and partner of a successful NYC Law Firm  told me that he benefited the most from EaseCentral during open enrollment.  “I have saved a significant amount of time managing documents, filing forms and no longer have to worry about where it all is”. 

Before online enrollment, Joe used a manual checklist to keep track of all of the documentation and paperwork. “With EaseCentral’s HR and benefits technology, I save about 20 hours of work during open enrollment due to online submission of insurance forms. Additionally, each employee at Cyber Advisor saves at least one hour,” said Joe.

Joe also touched on the value of using EaseCentral for new hires’ benefits enrollment. “Not only does the system save me two hours of work per new employee, but my employees appreciate the flexibility the system gives them when choosing their benefits,” he said. This flexibility includes being able to determine what the plan is and what it will cost and viewing and enrolling in benefits at home with dependents.

How Employees Use It







1.First, employees are presented with only the benefit plans they are eligible for.

2.Employees can enroll in all benefit types, including short-term and long-termdisability, HSAs, and telemedicine.

3.Each benefit plan includes in-depth summaries that provide deductible amounts and co-pays. If carriers have educational content like videos, employees can view those inside EaseCentral too.

4.Employees can view side-by-side plan comparisons with the cost per pay period to help them determine which plan brings them and their family the most value. 

5.EaseCentral also provides the accurate cost to the employee of each benefit plan they’re eligible for, and takes into account factors like dependents. Because this process is completed entirely online, employees can share these details with their dependents at home if they choose to.


The benefits of online enrollment continue to make waves for businesses across the nation. Research shows that nearly 8 million businesses will be moving their benefits and HR processes online by 2024.Businesses across the country are increasingly adopting online enrollment software. These are some of the ways, using both technology and a personal touch, you can create a whole world of difference for the new employee. It is about engaging them during their initial time in order to create a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization so that they remain in the company for a long time to come.

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