BlueCard PPO

BlueCard PPO

Bluecard PPO – Outside members home region, the PPO medical plan is known as BlueCard PPO. The BlueCard plan offers a network of quality doctors and hospitals known as the BlueCard Provider Network.


PPO Plan Features

    • freedom to seek care in-network or out-of-network;
    • no need to select a primary care physician to coordinate your care;
    • visit specialists directly — no referrals are required;
    • no claim forms to submit when using an in-network provider;
    • no balance bills when using an in-nework provider;
    • wellness programs, including fitness reimbursement and discounts on alternative health care services, at no additional cost;
    • enhanced programs to control and manage chronic conditions;
    • preventive care for children and adults;
    • enjoy in-network coverage anywhere in the United States when you use providers that participate in the Personal Choice or BlueCard PPO networks;
    • worldwide coverage and recognition of the Blue Cross® symbol.

How Does it Work?

Blank Suitcase Logo
A blank suitcase logo on a member’s ID card means that the patient has Blue Cross Blue Shield traditional, POS, or HMO benefits delivered through the BlueCard Program.
“PPO in a Suitcase” Logo
You’ll immediately recognize BlueCard PPO members by the special “PPO in a suitcase” logo on their membership card. BlueCard PPO members are Blue Cross and Blue Shield members whose PPO benefits are delivered through the BlueCard Program. It is important to remember that not all PPO members are BlueCard PPO members, only those whose membership cards carry this logo. BlueCard PPO members traveling or living outside of their Blue Plan’s area receive the PPO level of benefits when they obtain services from designated BlueCard PPO providers.
How to Verify Membership and Coverage 
Once you’ve identified the alpha prefix, call BlueCard Eligibility to verify the patient’s eligibility and coverage.
1. Have the member’s ID card ready when calling.
2. Dial 1.800.676.BLUE.
Operators are available to assist you weekdays during regular business hours (7am – 10pm EST). They will ask for the alpha prefix shown on the patient’s ID card and will connect you directly to the appropriate membership and coverage unit at the member’s Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan. If you call after hours, you will get a recorded message stating the business hours.
Keep in mind BCBS Plans are located throughout the country and may operate on a different time schedule than Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. It is possible you will be transferred to a voice response system linked to customer enrollment and benefits or you may need to call back at a later time.
International Claims
The claim submission process for international Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan members is the same as for domestic Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan members. You should submit the claim directly to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.