Top 10 Reasons LTC (long-term care insurance) Make for a Great Gift

  1. If you get it for your spouse and yourself, you’ll both breathe easier, knowing you can afford professional care in the comfort of your own home, should the need ever arise.
  2. You’ll also enjoy the gift of knowing you’re protecting your assets and lifestyle for years to come.
  3. If you get it for your parents, they’ll relax and get more enjoyment out of their golden years, confident they can avoid senior poverty.
  4. The gift to your parents may also be a gift to yourself, since LTC protects assets earmarked for inheritance.
  5. Compared to pricey items, LTC is often a bargain, costing much less than you’d pay per month for a new car or health insurance.
  6. If you get it for your children, it can REALLY be a bargain, costing a fraction of what many people spend per year on coffee at Dunkin Donuts.
  7. As a gift to your children, it will “keep on giving” year after year, making them feel more secure for decades or more.
  8. It can help you afford other holiday gifts in future years. Without it, out-of-pocket care costs could eat up your savings.
  9. Peace of mind is one of the best gifts of all. If you’ve been putting off looking into long-term care insurance, you may feel anxious and guilty. Why not give yourself a break for the holidays?
  10. LTC is tax-deductible. You can use the “savings” to buy other gifts of many kinds, year after year!
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