AllCheck Questionnaire

AllCheck Compliance Reporting


  1.  Company Tax ID#
  2. Total Full-time employees (work more than 30 hours on average per week) ?
  3. Total Part-time employees (work less than 30 hours on average per week)?
  4. On what pay cycle do you pay employees?
  5. What is a typical part-time employee’s average hours worked per pay cycle (e.g. 25 hours per pay cycle if weekly, 50 hours per pay cycle if every two weeks)?
  6. Is coverage offered to at least 95% of your full-time employees (employees that work 30 hours on average per week)?
  7. What’s the annual wage of the lowest paid benefits eligible employee (this is only used to calculate affordability – a requirement of health care reform)?
  8. What’s the monthly premium cost to the employee if they elect employee only coverage?
  9. How do you manage your COBRA or state continuation of coverage compliance?
  10. For the benefits you do provide, how do you deduct premiums from employee pay? (Pre-tax/Post-tax/No Benefits/Not sure)
  11. Have you setup a Premium-Only Plan (POP) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?(Yes/No/Not sure)
  12. Are you reporting the value of health benefit premiums on employee W-2 forms? (Yes/No/Not sure)
  13. How do you manage your payroll and tax filings?( Use a service/Do it myself/Not sure)


Please email back to for report results.

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