Free Rx Discount Card

CLICK AND PRINT – Free Rx Discount Card!

Free Rx Discount Card

A national FREE Rx Card offering discounts of up top 80% that you can distribute to your uninsured.  A great benefit for Part Timers/Seasonal staff this can be a great value at no cost to you.   Print out a card today using this link


  • 10% to 85% savings on most medications.
  • Over 60,000 national and regional pharmacy chains participate as well as independent pharmacies.
  • No pharmacy program is complete unless it includes both retail locations where members may fill acute care medications and a mail order program so members may optimize their savings by purchasing maintenance prescriptions in 90 day supplies to treat ongoing ailments.
  • Prices may change from day to day and they cannot be given over the telephone. Visit to look up drug prices by location.
These are just some of the initiatives we are working on to deliver great service and say thank you for your valued business!

Typical saving examples


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