5 Things You Need to Know AFTER Buying Obamacare

5 Things You Need to Know AFTER Buying Obamacare

5 Things You Need to Know AFTER Buying Obamacare

How to Enroll on NYS Exchange Marketplace

Congratulations – you just signed up successfully for Obamacare!  You made it right before the March 31st deadline and avoided the individual penalty and getting blocked out for 2014. Don’t relax just yet.  If you’re one of the many people who applied on the first open enrollment it’s smart to expect some bumps over the next few weeks. Shifting deadlines and technical glitches have left many insurance companies scrambling to catch up to the flood of requests. To make sure you start things right, here are some easy ways to stay vigilant:

  1. Pay  the premium –Until you pay for the plan you do not truly have a plan just yet.  Some states and insurance companies have extended the deadline to pay, but its best to do this as soon as possible.  For maximum peace of mind, get written confirmation from your new insurance company.  If you go to the doctor before you pay your premium, you may end up footing that medical bill if the insurance company doesn’t have a record of your premium payment.
  2. Member ID Cards –in about 1–2 weeks after you receive your first bill you will receive your Member ID card from your carrier after you’ve made your first premium payment. This is the card you’ll share with medical providers and pharmacies when you receive service. Your carrier may allow you to print a temporary ID card if you need care prior to receiving your Member ID card(s). Your insurance card will (hopefully) arrive in your mailbox in early January.  You’ll present it wherever you need services: at the pharmacy, doctor’s office or hospital.  Since insurance companies had a very short turnaround time to process new members, you may see a delay.  Don’t panic! Go to the insurance company’s website to see if you can print a temporary ID card. (This is a lifesaver!) If you turn up empty, call the company’s customer service number to confirm that you are in their system as an enrolled member.
  3. Don’t rush to the doctors – If you have an immediate need for a prescription or an appointment, by all means take care of it asap. But if you can, wait a few weeks before scheduling your doctor’s visit.  This will give time for the insurance companies and doctors to update their systems with all the new plans and enrollees. This way, you help ensure that the medical claim for your doctor’s visit will be processed accurately – and that you dodge some of the early-stage craziness.
  4. Double check –  that your doctor is in your new plan’s network . Most of the new insurance plans also came with new provider networks.  Its smart to double check that your favorite doctor is in the network for the exact plan you just enrolled in. There are specific networks for different insurance products, so make sure you are checking the right one.  If your doctor is not in the network, keep in mind that you may have to pay significantly more money to see an out-of-network doctor, so you may consider switching.  See States Pushing Back Against Smaller Networks
  5. Keep records – Keep a record of your payments, calls, emails with your insurance company and physicians.  Just in case of a technical glitch in the insurance or doctor’s computer systems, you can show evidence of your payment or confirmations from your insurance company.

 Obamacare 2014 Deadline Nearing.    You are now more knowledgable than most after reading this article.  Given all the new changes thanks to the new insurance plans, new enrollees, and changing deadlines, being aware of these simple tips will help you avoid unnecessary headaches. And remember, if you are still shopping for insurance, you only have until March 31st to enroll in a plan.

For enrollment help before the deadline  information  please contact our team at Millennium Medical Solutions Corp  (855)667-4621.   We have Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew speakers available.  Quotes can also be viewed on our site.


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