MMS Adds allCheck ACA Compliance Tool

MMS, Inc. in partnership with BenefitMall adds allCheck ACA compliance tool!
Want to know how to easily calculate your FTE’s ( Full Time Equivalents)?
Not sure if you need to provide the Notice of Exchange?
Unsure about your Health Care Tax Credit Eligibility?
Want to get an idea what your overall ACA compliance obligations might be?

Let MMS inc. and allCheck do the work. How? Its simple. Download the input sheet, complete and we will crunch the numbers and send you a customized report just like the sample! Please call us 855-667-4621.


Sampel Compliance Allcheck Report Compliance Report Allcheck

Allcheck inputSheet ACA

This law is new and constantly evolving. We (and everyone else) are still processing the thousands of complex provisions. The calculations here will change based upon your input, and is meant to be an educational tool for you to use in understanding how healthcare reform may impact your business. We recommend you work closely with your  broker and local counsel to receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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