COBRA Special Enrollment July  cobra-insurance

COBRA members have a  special enrollment period extension according to new CMS guidance.  If you have individuals eligible for, or currently enrolled in COBRA you can enroll them on the Individual Exchange through June 30th 2014. Direction from The NY State of Health confirms that current COBRA Eligible Individuals have been granted a one-time open enrollment window.

Therefore, anyone who does not like his or her current COBRA coverage or cost, can now switch to Individual Exchange!

Qualifying Events for Exchange Marketplace after Open Enrollment:

A Special Enrollment Period (SEP) is the time outside of Open Enrollment that allows individuals and families facing special circumstances (Qualifying Life Events) to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan. Eligible individuals have 60 days to enroll after their Qualifying Life Event. 

 Individual or dependent loses minimum essential coverage due to: job loss; employer no longer offers coverage; divorce; death of a spouse; becoming ineligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plus; expiration of COBRA; or health plan is decertified

 Marriage, birth, adoption, or placement for adoption

 Gaining status as a citizen, national, or lawfully present individual

 Consumer is newly eligible or ineligible for tax credits and/or cost sharing reductions

 Permanent move to an area that has different health plan options

 Marketplace staff or contractor enrollment error

 Qualified Health Plan violated a provision of its contract

 American Indians can enroll or change plans one time per month throughout the year

 Other exceptional circumstances, as defined by HHS

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SEP ACA for Individuals and Families

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