Breaking: Oxford Exits Metro Indiv & Oxford Liberty HMO 2017  Crains Health Pulse June 27_2016 Oxford Indiv Exit

A neat quote mentioned in yesterday’s Crains Health Pulse.  I only wish it were for better news.
1. Oxford will be leaving NY Individual health plans.  The popular Oxford Metro plan offered off-exchange marketplace will no longer be offered next year.  Notably, this is the only plan that contained par excellence cancer hospitals such as Memorial Sloan Kettering.
Oxford Metro will still be available for NY Small groups.
2.  Oxford Liberty HMO plans will be leaving ALL segments – Individuals to commercial large groups.  For restaurants and retail shops, as an example, this is a very popular platform as this allowed flexibility of NO minimum participation.  If only 1 person wanted to enroll on plan out 20 that was OK.
Oxford will be sending these letters out to Employers starting with Jan 2017 renewals.

Oxford Health Plans (NY), Inc. (OHP) License Withdrawal, Effective January 1, 2017, Upon Renewal

Please note the following:

  • This change does not affect their regular  Oxford Health Insurance, Inc. (OHI) plans. Their OHI portfolio in New York offers a wide range of coverage options for employers of all sizes. 
  • Impacted groups and members will receive a notice from us approximately 180-days prior to their 2017 coverage end date. The notice will outline the actions they need to take and other available coverage options.

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