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Have PEOs bid on YOUR business. Why do it alone? With 20+ years of experience, we personally manage the entire PEO process and match you with providers who can solve your unique problems. We make a complex, time-consuming process simple.

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What you need to know about COVID-19

COVID 19 Dashboard

What you need to know about 2022 Health Insurance Open Enrollment

One-Size-Fits-All packages are a thing of the past

Instead, employers should choose the flexibility to engage in a diverse workplace. 360PEO, Inc.- Employee Benefits Consulting helps small businesses (SMBs) shop, compare and find the right platform whether it be a customized Private Exchange or a Professional Employer Organizations(PEOs)  for their specific needs.

Our clients save on average 28% on workers comp and health insurance premiums through our exclusive PEO marketplace. We shop the best PEO’s for you, saving you time and frustration.

Our enterprise relationships & technology enables you to shop the largest network of PEOs in the country, with access to every medical carrier in the nation. We have taken the guesswork out of finding the right PEO and utilize our expertise to ensure you obtain the most advantageous pricing.

Working with 360PEO eliminates the hassles of finding the right PEO. From the in-depth evaluation and independent references to translating complex PEO quotes into easy-to-read comparisons complete with cost and savings details, we manage it all. Get a real business partner, not just a PEO broker. Our proven systematic yet personal approach works every time. Plus we monitor results and conduct annual reviews so your HR solutions deliver value year-after-year.

Filling out multiple forms for quotes, listening to sales pitches, crunching numbers and the back & forth of negotiating – we do it all for you. We didn’t create PEOs, but we designed the most efficient way to find the right one for you.

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Our Process



Needs Analysis

We determine your needs, including things like payroll, worker comp, health insurance, and other benefits during a comprehensive one-on-one consultation.

Marketplace Comparison

We coordinate quotes from our PEO partners, analyzing each to find the ones that best fit your needs, and provide you with a consolidated comparison.

Review Options

We review your best PEO matches with you and guide you through the final stages of selecting your PEO.


Outsourcing all or part of your HR infrastructure enables you to reduce your administrative responsibilities, increase employee productivity and comply with statutory laws. Outsourcing allows you to shift the focus from paper-pushing to core business operations.


Did you know that small businesses who collaborate with a certified Professional Employer Organization like XcelHR grow 7 to 9% faster, and are 50% less likely to go out of business?
As a privately-owned firm, we guarantee that we can offer you a customized solution that will enable you to focus on revenue-generating activities and grow your business.


Your business is able to save up to 40% in administrative costs by working with 36oPEO. You are able to achieve economies of scale by tapping into our book of business.
Moreover, 360PEo compliance awareness programs help protect your firm from lawsuits and disciplinary action, making your businesses’ cash flow more predictable.


Just like Fortune 500 companies, we collaborate with renowned industry PEO providers who offer the best benefits packages at a cost-effective price.
We transform you into an attractive employer enabling you to recruit, hire and retain talented employees.


Our PEO’s HR services help make it easier. Our custom-fit PEO solutions meet the
demands of your business and reduce the burden of HR administration.

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Learn how partnering with 360PEO can help you grow your business.

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Businesses in a PEO grew faster


PEO employment growth 2008-2017


PEO groups less likely to go out of business

Our Customers

“360PEO’s credibility, reputation, and dedication have delivered consistently positive results for our company. In a little appreciated field, at a challenging time, Alex of 360PEO raises the bar and reaches beyond it. Not only does he ensure a fair cost, but he also ensures that the product is appropriate. 360PEO was recommended to me by someone whom I trust and I would gladly endorse them to others.”  -Lisa Resling Halpern, EURO-CENTER USA
“360PEO has provided consistently high-quality work. We have switched from a regular small group plan using disparate systems that don’t talk to each other – payroll, compliance, HRIS, health insurance, and 401KI.  The PEO has simplified our lives and we have never looked back.  have recommended them to a number of other people, and they have always delivered. He understands the health insurance area, is personable, and gets his work done on time in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend him.”  – John Gordon, USA Corporate Services
“Alex Miller is my go-to guy for small business health insurance. Not only have I recommended him to clients but I’ve also hired him myself”  – Jason Novich, Foxcom


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